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  We design and manufacture Special Purpose Test Rigs depending on the customer needs.
Some of the Test Rigs made by us are –
  225 T Non-Compression Test Rig for Gate / Globe Valves (Upto class 2500)  
  225 T Non-Compression Test rig for Plug Valves (with SCADA)  
  Test Rig for CNG components. Medium : Compressed Natural Gas at 250 bar  
  Brake Hose Expansion Test Rig (Measurement upto, 0.02cc)  
  Brake Hose Burst test Rig (2000 bar burst pressure)  
  100 kN Load Frame  
  6 Station Test Stand for Gate / Globe / Check Valves  
  Burn Test Rig for Plastic Fuel Tanks (Used in Automobiles)  

Salient Features

Combination of Hydraulics, PLCs, Instrumentation, SCADA
Inhouse Design and Manufacturing capability.
Various Test Medium - Oil / CNG / Water etc.,
Various Levels of Automation as per customer needs.
Highly energy saving Design.

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