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  The function of Lub Oil Consoles is to supply filtered and cooled oil (at low pressure) to the bearings of Large rotating machines like Steam Turbines, Gear Boxes, Alternators etc. and also supply high pressure oil for control and / or jacking up purposes.
These systems are custom Designed and Manufactured as per application needs of the customer.

The following features / parameters are offered–
  Oil used could be upto viscosity 460 cst at 40°C (i.e. ISO VG 460)  
  Flow ranges from 15 lpm to 1500 lpm  
Pressure range for low pressure application upto 5 bar and high pressure application upto 200 bar.
  System could be supplied either with Tank or Skid mounted  
Supplied with Duplex Filters, Heat Exchangers (Shell and Tube type or Plate type Heat Exchangers) with necessary flow transfer valve and instrumentation.
  With DC motor driven emergency oil pumps.  
In order to understand your needs better please find here below details required for quoting for a Lub Oil System. On receipt of these basic information we will be pleased to quote as per your needs.

Questionnaire for lub oil system (LOS)
Please fill up and submit for a Quote.

Please give application for which LOS is used
LOS for G/B / Turbine / Alternator
Type of Fluid used ISO VG 46 / 320 / 460
The main system provided with MOP (Main Oil Pump) Yes No
Electrically Driven AOP (Auxiliary oil pump) – Flow ? Operating Pressure ? Whether standby required ?
COP (Control oil Pump) – Flow ? Operating Pressure ?
Whether standby required ?
Emergency oil pump (DC motor operated) – Whether required, if required Flow ? Pressure ? Voltage available at site
Heat Exchangers- Oil inlet / Outlet Temperature (ΔT)
Available water inlet Temperature and Pressure ?
Heat to be dissipated in HP / KW / or Kcal / hr
Whether standby cooler required ?
Type of HE: Shell & Tube type / Plate type
Filters -
(AOP Side)-
Micron rating
Standby filter required ?
Clog indication ? Elec/ Visual
Filter -
(COP Side)-
Micron rating
Standby filter required ?
Clog indication ? Elec/ Visual
Instrumentation required -
(Please tick)-
Pressure Switch / Pressure Gauges
Differential Pressure Gauge / Switch across filter
Temperature Gauge / Switch
Flow switch
Float switch (in Tank)
Whether skid mounted or with tank ?
With electrical control cabinet ? Built in / Free standing. With PLC logic / Contactor logic
Output oil bifurcated to how many bearings ? Oil quantity to each bearing ?
Geographical locations and environment (dusty / Flame proof etc)

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