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Best in class technology solutions provider
Leonardo Automation, anchored at Bangalore , is a specialist engineering solutions and services company engaged in the manufacture of oil hydraulics/lubrication and custom built special products, besides marketing PLCs and Inverters/Servomotors. The LA success story is incomplete without a mention of its people. Leonardo Automation is successful because of its people - its most treasured asset. Competitors can easily copy the company's technologies, strategy and structure. No one, however, can match the highly charged, motivated techno-savvy professionals who drive the company. The firm's repository of knowledge is its people - central to the company's competitive advantage. Large enough to absorb and imbibe leading edge technology - Leonardo Automation is yet small enough to adapt and attend to individual clients. Thus offering them highly cost-effective solutions,of world class quality.

Area of application
Machine Building Industry
Aircraft Industry
Power Generation
Water Management
  and many more....

Customer Satisfaction is our Business Focus...
Continuous interaction with customer ideas and needs, at every stage
Extremely user-friendly Products/Solutions, optimally engineered
High degree of Quality and long term Reliability
Technical Support and Services, Networked throughout the country
Reasonable and competitive Pricing

Promoters and whole time Directors:

Anil Purohit... an Electrical Engineer with more than 3 decades of industrial experience in the field of Control and Automation.

N. Swaminathan... a Mechanical Engineer with more than 2 1/2 decades of industrial experience in the field of Oil Hydraulic/Lubrication/Fluid Handling technology.

The "Backbone" Team and Infrastructure
Team of  Techno-Commercial Managers/Engineers handling various responsibilities.
Backed by equally competent army of skilled technical and commercial persons
In-house treasure of knowledge, backed by adequate Assembly /Testing facilities and infrastructure
Geared for customer support throughout the country, including remote sites.

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