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    The function of the BFV Actuator is to open the BF Valve and close it whenever required against the water force in normal condition and also to close under emergency condition. Closing can be done without any external force.
This equipment is used wherever the valve opening thereby water flow is to be controlled. Some of the applications are as Hydraulic operated Pump Discharge Valve in Irrigation / Power Generation (to control circulating cooling water) and as Main Inlet Valve for Hydro Turbines.

Under emergency conditions i.e. when electric power fails and the main pump stops, it is important to close the BFV within a few seconds to prevent the pumped water from flowing back. Traditionally this was achieved by using a non-return valve followed by BFV with an electro-mechanically (electric motor / Gear Box) operated valve actuator. In Hydraulic operated BFV Actuator the emergency closing is done by a Deadweight. This method eliminates the non-return valve in the water line leading to huge cost savings, increased reliability, saving in erection time etc.

The normal opening time, normal closing time, and emergency closing time (subject to a minimum) can be independently controlled. The BFV can be opened to any angle and left in that condition under water force. In order to achieve this limit switches are provided. Alternatively by using a rotary feedback transducer the valve can be opened to any desired angle seamlessly and the open/close can be programmed as per the water flow requirements.

We are the pioneers in the Design and Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic operated BFV actuators in India. We are supplying to various leading BFV manufacturers.

Sizes: We can supply BFV Actuators to suit BFV from 300 mm dia to 3500mm dia.


We design and manufacture Oil Pumping Units with necessary Servo Valves for Hydro Turbines. Depending upon the type of the Turbine and the site parameters our systems are custom designed.

Salient Features

Main and Standby pumps
Accumulator circuitry with auto on-off of pumps.
Guide Vane Servo Motors (GVSM) and Runner Blade Servo Motors (RBSM) with necessary feed back elements.
Circuitry for main BFV and Brake operation.
Use of either servo valves or proportional valves depending on the application.
With local and remote electrical cabinets.


A Diverter is essentially a door used for diverting gas (under high temperature and pressure) from one passage to another. These are used generally in gas based power projects.

This Diverter being huge, needs a hydraulic system which should be carefully designed to take care of controlled opening, closing, safety in case of hose failure etc. These systems can be offered with necessary electrical controls.


The function of a MIV seal control unit is to supply fluid under pressure to the seals of Main inlet valve to prevent leakage in the valve closed condition.

This unit contains necessary actuated Ball valves (3 way, 4 way) with internal piping. Water being the pressurizing medium, all wetted parts are in SS including piping.

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